Floods happen when water is collected or overflows dry areas.
Flood-plains is when land is next to rivers and oceans. The soil is usually good soil for growing crops. Flood-plains are usually flat on dry land. People who live on flood-plains are in risk of danger.

Floods worldwide
When people watch the news nearly every week there is a flood happening around the world. Floods happen and are a common natural disaster. An event of an natural disaster is an earthquake , fires, droughts and a lot more other weather disaster. On July 1997, 128 people were killed in Europe, Poland and Germany this is because of bad flooding. A thousand of people where left with no homes and in 1998 three-quarter of land was coverd with by a flood in Bangladesh.

Flood damage
Floods carry mud, earths nature and other things as floods happen through years to go. Big floods can carry cars and fast moving floods can knock over buildings and can even knock down bridges. floods can destroy peoples homes, can cut of power or electricity and also can destroy crops.



The worst flood int he world was in China in 1931. 3.7 million lives were gone because of this flood. The river's name is Huang He River.