How does space affect the weather?

The atmosphere goes all around the earth. The atmosphere is made out of different layers of gas. These gasses stop the earth from getting too hot or too cool.
A change in the atmosphere can change the heat , rainfall and sea levels on earth which can send a great impact on our wildlife, plants and humans.
When scientists talk about climate change the say that most of the change is caused by human activities. Such as leaving lights on when they are not getting used leaving water running.


70 percent of earth’s surface is covered in ocean. 27 percent of earth’s surface is covered of land.
Climate affects where humans live. People who live near the equator are starving with hunger because their condition is very hot. All of the vegetation is all dried up because of how hot it is near the equator. People can’t live in the north or South Pole because it is too cold so no crops will grow and there is no fresh water supply.


When an air mass is warmed it turns lighter and is easier to lift into the atmosphere.
When an air mass is cooled it turns heavier and sinks back down to Earth.

Fast winds from the atmosphere known as jet streams move weather fast around the earth. There is a boundary for the hot and cold air masses; this boundary is called a weather front.

Storms developed when an uneven balance in the atmosphere occurs, which could bring snow, rain and a chance of thunder and lighting. There are many cases of climate change, this includes volcanoes erupting and massive meteorites crashing into the earth.

Most of the energy is coming from the sun, also the chemicals in the atmosphere could also change the weather patterns, but the one chemical in particular is the greenhouse gases. This chemical could have impact on the earth as well.

In the past 30-40 years the temperature and rainfall around Australia has changed. Our planet is wrapped in a blanket of air this blanket is called the atmosphere.

The air covers hundreds of kilometres above the tree tops. This blanket provides heat at night when there’s no sun around and during the day the atmosphere is like sunscreen for the earth

now one thing to know is that

No weather would occur without an atmosphere