A cyclone is whirlwinds that spin really fast! A cyclone is called a hurricane in the U.S.A and a typhoon in Asia and in Australia it is called a cyclone. Cyclones spin 90km to 200km an hour!


Stages of a cyclone

Cyclones are caused by heaps of wind.


Force 1
125 km

A bit of damage.
134 km

Force 2

A powerful damage.
164 km

Force 3
164 km

1 64 km
184 km

Force 4
184 km

194 km

Force 5
194 km

194 km
200 km

When a cyclone hits it leaves a path of destruction. Cyclones have a bad history in Australia. Like in 2006 when cyclone Larry hit in Cains and the entire banana trees were destroyed.

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Strong tropical storms happen when heavy winds blow into an area of a low pressure being to spin very fast. They form over warm seas and build up speed until they get to land. Where there is no more moist air to feed them some storms bring fierce rain.

This part is called the, eye, as the eye of the storm pass over. There is a pause in the scary rains and wind.

One of the worst hurricanes
Called hurricane Andrew which smashed in Florida in 1992 perhaps there is a hurricane named after you!

this is a picture of HURRICANEANDREW
external image 1992andrew1.gif
Click HERE to watch a video explaining the formation of a cyclone.

How does a cyclone form

A cyclone is a low pressure system. A cyclone forms over the ocean were the sea is warmer then 26.5*c and were a low pressure system.

A cyclone forms in the tropical regions only.


A cyclone cannot survive to travel across Australia.


A cyclone can bring lot of rain clouds like cumulonimbus clouds.

The water has to be 26.5*c and more for a cyclone to form in a low pressure system.

When a tropical cyclone reaches 17 meters per second called a tropical storm.

A cyclone is a low pressure system that has formed of 26*c while it is over warm water it will build up speed and froce until it hits land then it slowley disnergrates