What are the Different Weather Instruments?

A Thermometer can measure heat and air temperature so you can tell how hot it is and how cold it is. Where the red line is pointing to one of the dashes it tells you the air temperature.

Rain Gauge

Another weather instruments is the rain gauge. it measures water and different kinds of liquid such as alcohol and mercury .The rain gauge is closed in a glass tube so you can measure the water properly.


Thermometers measure temperature. We have thermometers that measure maximum and a thermometer that measure minimum. We have a thermometer that measure ground and sea temperature.


The barometer is one of the weather instruments. The barometer is used for measuring atmospheric pressure. Torricelli an Italian scientist built the first barometer in 1643. When the barometer is risen it is going to be hot, dry and sunny conditions. When the barometer is low it is going to be wet, windy and rainy conditions. The barometer is used in weather forecasting to predict the weather for the local area.


The anemometer is another weather instrument. The anemometer measures wind speed. Some cups catch the wind turning the dial on the instrument. The anemometer has 3 or 4 metal cups on it. An art architect Leon Battista Alberti invented the first mechanical anemometer in 1450.