Why do clouds change colour?

All that clouds are is water, ice and light. The clouds change between black and white because when the cloud is light the sun is shining on it making it shine white. Clouds can become black because they get heavy and thick and the sun can’t get through so the cloud is dark. So basically clouds are different colours depending how heavy they are.

In a cumulonimbus cloud there are lots and lots of tiny ice crystals.
The sun is made up of heaps of colour we see it as white or yellow.
It shines on the ice and has trouble getting through so it shines green instead.

There are three main types of clouds: cirrus, cumulus, and stratus. These cloud names were named in the 1800s by an amateur British weather scientist called Luke Howard. Cirrus means 'curl of hair', cumulus means 'heap', and stratus means 'layer'. The different names are given by their appearance in the sky.
If you got up in the morning and wanted to know if it was going to rain or not today, well just look up at the clouds and have a look if you can see stratus, stratocumulus or cumulus clouds then you might want to expect some rain or a possible chance of a storm (cumulonimbus) in the late afternoon.
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There are heaps of clouds in the sky! There are more than ten different types of clouds. There are eight common clouds though. Some of them are Cumulus, Stratus,Cumulonimbus, Cirrus, Altrocumulus etc. All of these clouds form into three groups according to their height.
The three levels of heights are…
High, which means the clouds would be around 6,000 meters above the ground
Medium, which means the clouds would be around 2,000 to 6,000 meters above the ground
Low, which would means the clouds would be around 2,000 meters above the ground.

The reason the clouds have different heights are because every cloud has a different meanings that help us predict the weather. For example, if you wake up in the morning and see in the sky an altocomulus cloud, then you might want to expect a storm in the afternoon.
Knowing the different types of clouds can tell you a lot about the weather and are very helpful if you would like to predict the weather because clouds have a HUGE impact in the weather!


Carl and Tayla