Why do the clouds turn green when it hails?

Hail is usually formed in cumulonimbus clouds which are known as thunder head clouds. Hail is formed when water droplets get caught in a cumulonimbus clouds.When they are being lifted up higher and higher into the cloud where it is freezing. Then the water droplets freezes into hail. Then it starts to fall because there is more hail and it starts to get heavy and that’s when it starts to fall.In the middle of a hailstone it is called a core.When the ice crystals around in the updraft and downdraft it collects more ice this wrapes around the core. Interesting fact: hail falls before tornadoes.

Hail is a form of precipitation because hail falls from a cloud and reaches the ground. Hail is an ice ball produced in a thunderstorm. The clouds turn green when it hails because the sun is trying to get through the ice but the sun can’t get through so it makes a greyish greenish cloud. Hail is formed in a Cumulonimbus cloud. At the top of the cumulonimbus cloud there is a layer of ice. When the ice gets too heavy for the air current to carry up and down it falls to the ground as hail. Hail starts off as a small ice pellet when the updrafts and the downdrafts carry the ice crystals up and down it can turn into sizes of golf balls and coconuts. The last time that the clouds turned green was in that huge thunderstorm last year.

Breeanna and Rebecca

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